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Gongchan Gong Chan Shik Lead Dancer
~Gongchan (공찬) ~Gong Chan Shik (공찬식) ~Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual/Face of the Group, Maknae ~August 14, 1993 ~Leo
Stage Name: Sandeul (산들) Birth Name: Lee Jung Hwan (이정환) Position: Main Vocalist Birthday: March 20, 1992. Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: 175 cm (5'9″)
Gongchan 공찬 || Gong Chanshik 공찬식 || B1A4 || 1993 || 181cm || Vocal || Lead Dancer || Visual || Maknae
Stage Name: CNU (신우) Birth Name: Shin Dong Woo (신동우) Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper Birthday: June 16, 1991. Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Stage Name: Gongchan (공찬) Birth Name: Gong Chan Shik (공찬식) Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual/Face of the Group, Maknae Birthday: August 14, 1993
Gongchan #B1A4 Jinyoung, Dong Woo, Lee Jung, Bae, Asian, Awesome
Gongchan at WFMF concert in September 2016 02.jpg
Instagram post by gongchan • Jan 30, 2016 at 8:59am UTC
Gongchan 공찬 || Gong Chanshik 공찬식 || B1A4 || 1993 || 181cm || Vocal || Lead Dancer || Visual || Maknae. Laura M · gong chan sik
CNU. 1991, Main Dancer
My name's Gong Chan Shik.
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Stage Name: Jinyoung (진영) Birth Name: Jung Jin Young (정진영) Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist Birthday: November 18, 1991. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Senin, 18 Maret 2013
Stage Name: CNU (신우) Birth Name: Shin Dong Woo (신동우) Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper Birthday: June 16, 1991. Zodiac sign: Gemini
Gongchan. Laura M · gong chan sik
Gongchan profile
Thank You :)
B1A4 Gongchan Phone Case
Sandeul. 1992, Main Vocalist
Stage Name: Jinyoung/진영. Real Name: Jung Jin Young/정진영. Position: Leader, Lead Vocal Birthday: 91.11.18. Birthplace: Cheongju, South Korea
Every K-Pop groups are composed of several members who have their own respective positions, such as the leader, main vocalist, lead vocalist, main dancer, ...
Stage Name: Gongchan (공찬)Birth Name: Gong Chan Shik (공찬식
Watch gongchan fanblog GIF on Gfycat. Discover more Channie, Korea, b1a4, chansik
Gongchan 공찬 || Gong Chanshik 공찬식 || B1A4 || 1993 || 181cm || Vocal || Lead Dancer || Visual || Maknae
The visual and the maknae of B1A4 is the 'chic' Gong Chan-shik, simply known as Gongchan. He is the cutest member of the group and is known for his talent ...
gongchan. Birth name: Gong Chan Shik
Gongchan gongchan shik B1A4 Photo 33670869 Fanpop
On the other hand, the other members Sandeul (Lee Jung Hwan, 26), CNU (Shin Dong Woo, 27) and Gongchan (Gong Chan Shik, 25) have decided to continue their ...
Officially KMusic would like to wish B1A4's Gongchan and BOYS 24's Lee Inpyo a very happy birthday!
Gongchan httpssmediacacheak0pinimgcom736xfc45f6
GongChan; Full Name: Gong Chan Shik ...
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Stage Name: Baro (바로) Birth Name: Cha Sun Woo (차선우) Position: Main Rapper Birthday: September 5, 1992. Zodiac sign: Virgo Height: 178 cm (5'10”)
gong chansik / u know im a slut for domesticity. Laura M · gong chan sik
20180814 Happy Gongchan Day by Clowflyer ...
Maknaes may be the "baby" of the group, but sometimes, they are more matured than we think, just like Gongchan. He is the "Matured Maknae" of B1A4 who likes ...
B1A4 ( 비원에이포) consist of 5 members: Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, Baro and Gongchan. The band debuted on April 23, 2011 under WM Entertainment.
The group is made up of CNU, Jinyoung, Sandeul, Baro, and Gongchan. They are under WM Entertainment.
Real Name : Gong Chan Shik (Gongchan) Birth : Suncheon,14 August 1993. Position: Vocals, Maknae (Youngest) Blood Type: A Height: 181 cm. Weight: 60 kg
b1a4 cnu 170715 p: preview e: hamlet
Baro's trademark is his "yallu~" sound. And apparently he's scared of thunder. Well actually apparently they all are.
Gongchan. 345310-kpopshineecnbluesujub-a-pexoetc-gong-chan
Stage Name: Jinyoung (진영) Position: Vocals, Leader Birthday: 18 November 1991. Height: 178cm. Weight: 59kg. Blood type: A Skills: Song writing, singing, ...
... Yoon, Minhwan (FT Island), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), and Jung Il Woo look alike. And a hot topic that he basically looks like a manhwa character irl.
Stage Name: Jinyoung (진영)Birth Name: Jung Jin Young (정진영)
#b1a4 #gongchan B1a4, Jinyoung, Dong Woo, Singers, Day6, Korean
Jinyoung 2016
Birth Name: Gong Chan Shik
Gongchan Gongchan lt3 We Heart It gongchan kpop and b1a4
First Love- Gongchan- B1A4 by MusicDreams95
Birthdays for August 14th, 2017! | The latest kpop news and music | Officially Kmusic
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Top 15 Best Maknae of K-Pop Boy Groups
B1A4 Members Profile
Baro (바로) B1A4 Name: Cha Sun Woo (차선우) Born: September 5, 1992. Position: Main rapper. Nationality: Korean Height: 178 cm. Blood type: B
He likes math, and like Sandeul, enjoys swimming. And apparently cooks his Jinyoung-hyung spam only to be bullied.
Bae Jinyoung Profile
As ...
Oh Ha-young
Members: Jung Jinyoung, Cha Sunwoo (Baro), Shin Dongwoo (CNU), Lee Junghwan (Sandeul), Gong Chansik (Gongchan) Debut Performance: 23rd April 2011 on MBC ...
゚ Girls Generation profiles *:・゚ ≫ No one can beat
Real Name: Gong Chan Shik
Stage Name: CNU (신우)Birth Name: Shin Dong Woo (신동우)
The Members
Jung Joon Young, B1a4 Jinyoung, Dong Woo, Korean
Real Name: Gong Chan Shik (공찬식) Stage Name: Gongchan (공찬) Position: Vocals, Maknae (Youngest) Date of Birth: August 14, 1993. Height/Weight: 181cm/60kg
position: lead vocalist, lead dancer, rapper birthday: october 15th 1986 zodiac sign: libra height: 5'9 (175cm) nationality: korean fandom name: fishes
Gongchan Sandeul Jinyoung Baro and.
Baro - B1A4
Sandeul 2016
(Haha, who knows~) In the O.K performances, Sandeul is the one wearing the hoodie. Sandeul also has an older sister.
tht ...
Name: Jung Jin Young ( Main character )
Members for left to right: Gongchan, Sandeul, Jinyoung, Baro, ...